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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Endangered Species

The American man has been hunted to the brink of extinction. In fact, it is rare to ever see one in the wild. Many people think they’ve seen one, some even believe to have captured one, but most people are easily fooled by his look-a-like, the male.

I knew the moment I wrote my post about Dr. Laura’s books how the post would appear. It sounds like I think the problems in relationships rest entirely on women and their problems. This could not be farther from the truth. Men have their own problem, one that robs them of their very nature, one even more dire than that of women. Men are no longer men. Yes, there are about three billion male human beings on the planet, about 150 million in America; but being a male and being a man are different. One speaks to anatomy, the other to behavior.

It started with the feminist movement in the latter-half of the last century. Men-hating women went about hunting their prey, the man, blasting him from the safety of purported oppression. The housewife was demeaned, the man demonized for making his wife stay at home while he explored the world in all its glory, leaving his wife to the mundane life of the home and family. So what happened? Men started to believe the lie, that being a man was something to be ashamed of, that he was guilty of this oppression. A new generation of males were born, but instead of being trained as men, were raised to believe that being a man meant oppression of women, brutish tactics, slow thinking, blood-thirsty, savage behavior. The young males were raised instead as little girls, to be quiet, thoughtful, sensitive children. Whenever a young male did not fit this mold he is diagnosed with a disorder, ADD, ADHD, or any host of other behavioral problems. The only problem is that this behavior is not a problem. NEWS FLASH! Boys and girls are different! We think differently, we learn differently, we desire different things in life, and even those things that we do have in common, we seek their fruition in completely different ways from the opposite sex.

The feminists however want everyone to believe that males and females are the same. Therein lies the problem. Women are told to strive like men, that they do not need a man to be complete. Men are demonized and told to stop acting like men. God created woman as a helper for man. A man needs his woman, just as the woman needs her man. Our very creation speaks to this mutual, complementary life. We do not need the gender-neutral equivalent of ourselves. Men and women are not in competition with each other. Each brings an invaluably unique position to a relationship. We are compliments to one another, not supplements to lacking character as the feminists rage against.

So to males, it is time to return to your heritage, time to reclaim that which has been taken, beaten down, demonized; your manhood. It is time to lead with strength of convictions, to stand for what is right, to love and support those in your life, most importantly your woman. Fifty percent of the population is born male, but unique equipment does not a man make.


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