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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why we like horror movies

Why do we like horror movies? Who in their right mind wants to be scared? Perhaps it is the mark of a decadent society that it is entertained by gore and death. Or, perhaps there is a simpler answer. I once took a psychology class or two, so therefore I must be an expert. I remember the professor putting up a chart that showed the physical responses a person displays when entertaining certain emotions. At the top of the list were two of my favorites: laughter and anger. If I recall, the chart specifically spoke to blood pressure, or adrenaline, or something of the like. I remember thinking that this is why some people choose to be angry so often. The simple truth is that it excites the body. Now, if I may speculate a little... Perhaps this is why we enjoy horror movies so much. The suspense, the gore, the anticipation that our heroes will survive, while secretly hoping for their demise. I have seen plenty of modern horror movies, most of them showing gratuitous gore, substituting innovative ways to kill and maim in the place of suspense and character development. And don't even get me started on the newest trend in Hollywood which my favorite movie reviewer has rightly deemed "torture porn." So many directors have no idea what makes a good horror film, one with the capacity to engender feelings for the protagonist without which, suspense is hopeless. To date, my favorite horror film is 28 Days Later. I end up caring about the group, hoping they will make it. The focus is not on the death and gore, but on the survivors. Like so much in Hollywood, they get often get it plumb wrong. They seem to forget that, deep down, people care about people. Appealing to morbid curiosity rather than humanity is the cheap way out. Thankfully 28 Days Later is not among the pointless horror endeavors that litter the shelves around it. This movie stands out as one of the few that creeps me out every time I watch it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Time to Spare

So... what does this seminary student do when he doesn't have to go to class? What occupies those countless minutes spent thinking about what assignment is due when and how much time you'll have to put in tonight because you've procrastinated for weeks? This last week has been a wonderful reprieve. I forgot how great it is to come home from work and realize that I've nothing to do; no, nothing at all.

With all my free time I've been trying to be as productive as possible. First, I've taken in a hearty dose of computer gaming, a past-time long since abandoned for the higher calling of seminary. It took the whole of a day to regress to my undergrad days of spending an entire day playing a single game, only getting up for the bare essentials. Oh yes, this liberation is ecstasy.

Further, since moving into my new apartment I have continued the Netflix tradition that I started with my father. I get to watch one or two movies a week, this of course scheduled around my compulsive gaming. After all, we must have our priorities straight.

As for tonight? I just got back from a free screening of the new movie Juno. Oh yes, I said free. I found out that the theatre just across the street hosts free screenings all the time. (I think I have have found a new hobby.) The movie was excellent. I give it four stars. I'm not sure how many stars a movie can get in my impromptu rating schema, but rest assured, four stars means "good movie." The movie would be hard to classify, but my favorite movie reviewer aptly describes it as a coming-of-age/teen romantic comedy. The movie left me with several cosmically important questions. First, where are all the girls like Juno? I'm Paully Bleeker all over. So, where are all the Juno's? Second, am I attracted to Juno's character, the skill of the actress, or Ellen Page herself? You might remember her as Kitty Pride from X-Men 3, or for the more dedicated film buff, Hayley from Hard Candy. After this, and seeing Hard Candy last year... wow. I think the verdict is in. I'm in love with Ellen Page. Last, and arguably the most important question of all... is it a sin to be in love with a Canadian?
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