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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There was a mouse in my house

There was a mouse in my house
I found out tonight;
Running the floors
And skirting the light.

Chasing him 'twas silly because,
He's little, so trite.
Him hopping about
So futile his plight...

There in his eyes, certain demise;
Glued to my sight,
I pinned him down,
He squeeled out in fright!

Into my snare, knowing despair,
He yielded the fight...
The door flung open,
The rodent took flight!

I threw him out with a shout
And up like a kite;
Ne'er to return,
Lost to the night...

Wave to the mouse from my house,
wish him good night;
Running the streets,
And ducking from sight...
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