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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Should I cut my hair?

So... my hair is now two feet long, root to tip. The question remains:

Should Michael cut his hair?

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If you feel strongly one way or another, feel free to comment.


Blogger said...

Michael what a sneeky way to get people to view your interesting website. I wish I could vote on to cut or not to cut but since I have not seen your hair that long I have no opinion. You're a remarkable person with long hair or short. Good luck with the poll.

9/21/2009 3:50 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Other comments left by people:


Jarod said on Sep 28 2009, 11:19 PM:
So do I have to wait the 2 months till Thanksgiving or are u gonna send me a pic?

Jarod said on Sep 26 2009, 04:21 PM:

dad said on Sep 26 2009, 08:39 AM:
per our latest discussion....the locks have been changed...if you cut your hair...when you come over ring the door bell...stand in the middle of the front yard...if i can stomach the new look i will let you in and give you a new key....if not i will see you at church...but remember i will always LOVE you.

The Pastor's Kid said on Sep 22 2009, 08:03 PM:
(I figured if I came with such a title like that, I'd carry more authority...) Alright, so, let's forget about the "cut it if ya wanna" or that 15% you'll save on your cave man appearance and that sweet little lady you'll make euphoric. Cutting your hair will just make your charm and good looks go up by at least 3.5%. Considering where you stand, I'd say you need all the help you can get. Recent surveys find that chicks dig short hair. Again, who can say no to that? Michael, I honestly couldn't think of one nice word I could use to describe your hair. Don't let me hinder you though, I mean, I won't think of you any different. In fact, I'm sure none of us will (except Mr. Leprechaun). You're bold and adventurous, it's not conforming, it's exploring the unknown. Have some fun.

LaWanda said on Sep 22 2009, 01:48 PM:
I almost did not leave a post (thinking what could an old woman like me add to your poll). I know a persons outside appearance means nothing it is who they are inside that counts. Hair long or short tells your nothing about your heart/faith. God loves you just the way you are. If it means anything to you, I like your heart and your hair. I believe young/old, short/tall, long/short hair people should never judge a book by it's cover. The Lord is so proud of you.....

Rachel said on Sep 22 2009, 09:48 AM:
(this is Seráiah's friend Rachel). I've never actually seen you, but I think you should. Not that I have anything against your hair, but as Seráiah said you'd save money, and you could donate it and give it to someone who really needs it. Try something new. If you don't like the cut, it will always grow back (might take a little while, but it will). I vote yes. (But, of course, don't cut it unless you actually want to.)

Joe Davis said on Sep 21 2009, 10:49 PM:
Hair down to there, it will stop by itself. Mine was that long until last year. I only cut it cause it kept falling in my face while I was picking squash in the garden. In my 61 years, long hair guys usually have better hearts....and younger critics are from military disciplined families, trying to conceal their jealousy and narrow mindedness. Maybe I'll start growing mine again, I'm the only one in my family who had hair instead of baldness. I just dared myself to see if I could do it.. for 15 years. KEEP THE HAIR if you want... only lose it if you and only you really want to !!!

Brother Wendell said on Sep 21 2009, 09:11 PM:
The hair doesn't change the heart. You have a heart for God and the length of your hair won't change that. I know I teased you a few times about it but all was in good natured fun. Our Joshua's hair is at least two feet long and his hair is part of who he is. I believe yours probably is too. Love ya and miss all

11/11/2009 9:22 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Seraiah said on Sep 21 2009, 06:21 PM:
Just sayin' I've been really promoting this cause. I mean, think of all the benefits. Michael won't have to use so much shampoo, saving him money and time. And I'm sure some older woman would love to have a nice blond wig. That's about all I can think of. Anyway, I know that at least 6 of those votes are my doing. *gotta love social networking sites* I haven't even brought my family in yet. There's seven of us. Plus, there's dozens of computers at school, I'll just vote on each of them for all those religious fanatics out there who would vote to rid one more male of his disgraceful head of hair. I couldn't stand to see the nos outweigh the yess (which they were) So I enacted change. :)

Tricia (Herren) St. John said on Sep 21 2009, 04:25 PM:
Michael, I went to church with you for several years and believe me the length of your hair should not be an issue with anyone. The person you were and the person you have become are far more impressive to me. I am very proud of you and if you like your hair long, leave it long.
Dad said on Sep 19 2009, 06:16 PM:
known you for 27 years....i remember when you were a tiny ball headed baby with beautiful bright blue jarod saild you did keep your hair long after we continued to cut it short for you all those years....everybody would comment on what beautiful hair you vote to cut your hair short is NO....maybe shorten it to be more matter what you do i will always love you...but i will love you more with long hair.

Kenny said on Sep 18 2009, 06:24 PM:
I don't know, Michael's hair has been like that for a while. It's kind of like his trademark. I think it would be kind of strange to see it short. Even when he had it "short" before (like bowl style almost) it just wasn't the same.

Josh said on Sep 15 2009, 09:20 AM:
"Anyway, I think you should cut it because I can't imagine taking care of it all the time" Jarod, Why would you be taking care of your brother's hair...... I know brothers can be close, but I dunno about *THAT* close. =/

Chris said on Sep 14 2009, 10:39 PM:
I'm not voting. Do it if you feel it's time to. If you do cut it, donate it please.

Tommy said on Sep 14 2009, 07:33 AM:
LOL I agree with Jarod! Chop it off!!! Muahahaha

Jarod said on Sep 13 2009, 11:44 PM:
I almost voted NO just to throw off the results. Now I wish I had. Anyway, I think you should cut it because I can't imagine taking care of it all the time, but you have been doing so for years, so I would think you're pretty used to all that. Plus I agree with Jess, I'm curious. I haven't seen your hair short since, mmmm..... probably 9th grade (yours) and even then you had hair about 6" long. So that doesn't count. Cut 'er down to 1 inch!!!

Jess said on Sep 13 2009, 09:50 PM:
This is so funny!! I was just thinking this morning what would you look like if you cut your hair!!

11/11/2009 9:22 PM  

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