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Sunday, July 02, 2006

gogogo Weekend

Friday, Stephen and I passed out nearly 900 flyers advertising the 4th of July special at Whispering Pines Baptist Church. We pulled the lazy route and papered people windshields in parking lots. We hit two walmarts and several other smaller surrounding stores. I don't know if anyone actually came because of those flyers, but at least it puts the Church's name out a little.

A really weird occurrence during the outing. While sitting in traffic we saw this guy get out of his SUV and walk around to the back. He popped the hatch and took a pair of sandals and laid them behind the vehicle, right on the freeway feeder. He then walked back around and got in, like nothing happened... so strange, I thought it worthy of mention. I wish my camera had been handy, that would have made a great movie.

Then, Saturday night I went to see Superman Returns with Chris and Stephen. I was surprised that I liked it so much, not really caring for the whole Superman thing. I mean... really... the guy's invincible... I think it may have been the best superhero movie to date. Brian Singer (think X-Men 2) did a marvelous job making a character with nearly unlimited power seem real and fragile. On an unrelated, albeit related note, I eagerly await Spiderman three which releases May '07.

The fourth of July service and picnic went well at church. Major General John. J. Closner III spoke. The picnic was fun. There was ultimate frisbee, watermelon wrestling, a giant balloon water slide and, without a doubt, the best brisket I've ever eaten. There were several visitors and I hope they all received whatever word God had for them.


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