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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Weekend - Part I

Every journey begins with the first step

Our first step was at 6 AM, and for a Saturday, that is far too early to consider walking, much less driving! Our destination: Lake LBJ, a little west of Austin. The party kicks off between 10 and 11, so I informed my passengers, Jarod, Amy and Stephen, the night before that we would be leaving promptly at 6 AM, and that anyone not belted in was getting left. We pulled out two minutes late, but before the sun has even risen… who cares right? My prayer, aside from a safe trip and a enjoyable time, is that God would show us his majesty today, that we would appreciate him for who he is. The drive up was wholly uneventful, aside from making one wrong turn. Signs for Hwy 2322 and 2233 look an awful lot alike at 75 MPH. Aside from that 30 second detour we drove right to our destination. Pulling up we saw a newly renovated lake house with a beautiful wakeboarding boat parked out front, though surprisingly, few other vehicles. It turns out that even though we were a little late (10:45) that we were the first to arrive. I was then reminded that it was a Sunday school class party full of Baptists, not known for being punctual, so I didn’t feel so bad.

The First Outing

A few more guests arrived, quick introductions were had and we out on water. Aside from Kevin, Rachel and myself, no one had ever wakeboarded before. Kevin went first to show everyone how it was done, and because being the only driver, would not get to go much more during the day. Next Rachel. Both, seasoned pro’s, had no trouble inspiring awe in the passengers eagerly awaiting their turn. Surely it was as easy as these two make it appear!

“Okay, who’s next? …Anyone?”, Kevin asks.

Silence. No one wants to be the first one to look stupid.

“I guess I’ll go,” Stephen boldly declares.

After a short how-to session Stephen is in the water. Last minute tips are yelled out from Kevin. Stephen motions and Kevin puts the boat into gear. Stephen, unprepared for force, looses the handle and the boat speeds away. They get set up again, this time resolved to not let go, he yells out, “Ready!” This time he holds on, but unfortunately is pulled over the top of the board and lands face-first in the water. “Keep your chin down against your chest.” “Try to squat on the board.” “Try angling the board as you come up.” A lot of people don’t even get up on their first tries, but Stephen is freakishly good at everything he tries. Being a quick study, he’s got the hang of it and successfully gets on top of the water for several of his next run. Of course, getting up is the easy part of wakeboarding. Once you’re up, it’s like trying to balance the board on greased marbles while being dragged behind a truck. Great fun. Once he had gotten the hang of it Stephen was starting to like it.

Next Jarod attempts to outdo, or at least match, Stephen’s newfound prowess; heeding all the advice hastily thrown at Stephen, and now having watched several people do it. On about the fourth try he makes it up, though not for long. Like I said, it’s slippery on top of the water. Here he is wiping out on one of his first runs.

Undeterred, he tries several more times, each staying up a little longer. The best part of staying up longer, at least for those watching in the boat, is that the added speed makes for much better wipeouts. Saying up longer each time built his confidence, and we got a better show each time. After a few too many face-plants into the water he’s had enough, though from the smile afterward, you’d never know it.

I went next. Having not done this in a year and a half, I was a little reluctant. The first time I let go of the handle, just like Stephen. The second time was much better and I got up like I had done it yesterday. It wasn’t quite as slippery as I remembered. I wiped out a couple of times, providing much entertainment, I’m sure. The last time, having seemingly mastered getting up and balancing, I wanted to try to go outside the wake. “No guts, no glory,” I think to myself. I approached the wake and went for it. Unfortunately, I didn’t angle the board right. The nose took a dive under the wake and took me with it, face first into the water. I’m glad I was wearing the helmet, and glad that the camera went dead just before my turn.

And here is a picture of Amy, just because it is a good picture
It was lunch time so we headed back. Hamburgers and Hotdogs for lunch hit the spot. After a very filling lunch, with cookies and brownies galore, the next group headed out, leaving us to fill the time until their return. We ventured out to the dock.

Part II tomorrow...


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