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Friday, July 28, 2006

Just a little off the sides please

Well… today, it finally happened. It was a momentous occasion, though it came and went with little adieu. It took me two years and seven months, but I finally cut my hair! The last time I had my hair cut for was Kevin and Rachel’s wedding. People have been telling me I need to cut it for a year now. Friends, family, even my boss was starting to make fun of me. Though to be fair, his hair use to be longer than mine, before he started balding (or so he says). I really don’t care what people thought about it. It was just easier to let it be. Besides, think of all the money I save by getting my hair cut every two years! Really, the reason that I wanted to get it cut was that it was starting to annoy me. It was just too long to keep. There comes a point at which practicality must overcome laziness. Considering it was such a rare event, I am truly saddened that I did not take before and after pictures. I didn’t cut much off, it is still ridiculously long, but I bet I lost about six inches. I like it much better now anyway. It is easier to keep, not as hot, and doesn’t bother me all day.


Blogger Rachel said...

I will be looking forward to seeing your hair when we go to Kevin's parents next weekend.

8/02/2006 8:23 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

It's not really that much shorter. Most people haven't even noticed, or commented anyway. Only two people have said anything, and it's been nearly a week now. Though one of those people has only seen me three times, and if she noticed it, then maybe others have too, only they have kept their comments to themselves. Don't know, don't care. Like I said, I prefer it a little shorter anyway. It keeps me from playing with it at work all day.

8/03/2006 6:06 AM  

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