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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Something New

I know it has been a while since I posted last. That has been be design. I have had several projects running in parallel that have taken my full attention. One of those has been completed and I will post pictures soon. Another is still in the works and I will post it when I complete it to my satisfaction. Yes, yes... very mysterious, but soon all will be made clear.

Now, on to the something new. Our Sunday school class is embarking on a journey to study and understand the five points of Calvinism of reformed teaching. I know we've talked about these ideas a lot in the past, but we've never taken the time to formally look at each point in depth. I feel there are still some strongholds to the idea of God being completely sovereign, even in salvation, both among the newcomers and the regulars alike. In an effort to make this process enjoyable and take it out of the sphere of thought and put it into practice, I am devising a game. Bible Jeopardy! Yes, I am stealing the idea of Jeopardy, and I welcome the lawsuits. I plan on making a display with categories and points, complete with daily doubles and the final round, music and all! The class will be split into three teams. Gift certificates will be handed out to the winners. If everyone performs dismally, no prizes awarded! If I have time I'll even rig up some buzzers so that we can tell who buzzed in first. Who knows... if this works well and everyone enjoys it, then perhaps this could become normative instead of the exception.

Now, on to my question I wish to pose. For all my searching I cannot seem to find any biblical support for the Arminian position that man is spiritually sick, rather than spiritually dead. It seems that the Arminian idea of Diminished Depravity is a logical necessity of their belief system rather than a tenet of established and sound Biblical doctrine; arising from the ideas of resistible grace and conditional election. If I am wrong I would love to hear some scriptures used to support the Arminian side of Depravity, regardless of how taken out of context they are. Are there any? I welcome your input.

If the last two paragraphs confused you then I invite you to join in on the discussion, and make sure to check out the link to to the right and read about the "Doctrines of Grace." Reformed teaching has been wholly abandoned by the modern church for the sake of novel thinking in an effort to make it more palatable to the carnal mind. The gospel has been hijacked and is enslaved in Pelagian captivity, a modern day Babylonian Captivity as Sproul puts it. Only through proper teaching and the Spirit of God will we return to the truth as revealed in the Bible.


Blogger Kevin said...

I'll see what I can dig's been a while since I delved deeply into the world of Calvin vs. Arminian. Should be interesting to see how much I remember.

7/18/2006 4:12 PM  

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