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Monday, October 23, 2006

Know the Enemy

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke
Most of us have never considered the possibility that someone actually wants to kill us, personally. This weekend I finally got a chance to sit down and watch Obsession. I ordered this privately distributed DVD direct from its creators a month ago. No US distributor will touch it with a ten foot pole. They are afraid. The truth does not interest people, only the dollar. We face an evil unlike any known in the history of mankind. The threat posed by radical Islam has infected hundreds of millions of people across the globe. Their stated goal: to destroy the West, specifically Israel, the UK, and the US. This movie shows the threat for what it is, and is a must see for anyone. We are living in 1940, evil and hate are spreading across the world like fire, and we are oblivious the the looming threat amidst our isolationist mentality. We watch TV, go to school, work and play. We are aware there is a world beyond us, but we do not care about it, to know about it or to cope with it. Radical Islam is unlike any enemy we have faced before. It is not unified under the flag of a nation, under the military genius of some conquering warlord. They are splintered throughout the world, they are living here in America amongst us, and they have one goal, our destruction. How much longer can we ignore the threat we face? How much longer will we ignore the signs of what is coming, what indeed now is? We have forgotten World War 2 and are doomed to repeat it, only this time there is no unified force with which to contend. I know that you haven’t seen this movie yet. Buy it.

Military might alone will not win this war. We are fighting an ideology held by adherents who believe their mission comes from God himself. The propaganda machine used to brainwash these people cannot be destroyed with bombs; at least not entirely. We must educate. In the meantime, we must be aware of the threat and be prepared to face it, as a nation and as individuals. We must pray for our enemies, and at the same time be prepared to defend ourselves to the death.


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