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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Unlikely Inspiration – Feline Fancies

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a cat person. I vehemently dislike dogs. Man’s best friend? I think not. Dogs are loud, dirty, and are pathetically intent on pleasing their owners. They need constant attention and want to be involved in everything. A cat on the other hand is quiet, well-kept, self sufficient, small, and could care less if you approve of it. Their haughty conceit is a thing of magnificence. But I digress.

All three of my cats, like all good cats, are quiet when content. However, when they want out, want attention, or want food, they all get mouthy. Of particular interest is hunger. I am the first to get home in the evenings, so I get the barrage each night. Without fail each will approach in their own way so as to let me know they are hungry. One cries with what could only be described as a painful meow, another chirps and anxiously approaches the door, while the third jumps on the back door to hang in order to peer in the window. Even after I let them in, they still proceed to meow with their petitions. As if I did not know they were hungry; that’s why I let them inside in the first place! However, when I walk in the door, the first thing on my mind is not, “feed the cats.” I might put my things away, grab a bite to eat, or sit down for a few minutes. I always take care of the cats, they never go hungry. Unfortunately, they have the memory of a cat, which is to say, about fifteen minutes. So, we go through the same routine every day.

Now, obviously it is my plan to feed them, but in my own time; when I am ready and not before. All their crying and feigned affection will not change the course I have set in my mind. How similar is this situation to that of God and our petitions? Cat’s live for 10-15 years, while we live for about 80. Our minds perceive on a level so much higher than they that we could be considered as gods to them. Their ability to think beyond a small period of time is comparable to our being able to think in regard to eternity. They are focused on what they need, here and now, quickly forgetting our previous faithfulness. They have no faith in me to remember to feed them, just as we often have little faith in God to “feed” us. How many times have we brought petitions before God only to be frustrated when he does not answer in what we perceive to be a timely manner? Yes, we may be “hungry”, we may sincerely need what we request, but God answers in his own time. I would never let my cats starve. How much more should I be faithful that God will grant my requests? Sure, I may be hungry, I may yearn to my core to the point of pain, only to be put off for what God has planned right now. He will certainly accomplish what he has planned before giving me what I need, though I should not doubt that he will give it, only in his time, not mine. Jesus spoke to this directly in Matthew 6:25-34. He was talking about food, drink and clothing. He spoke to the most basic needs of man. How much more will God provide for his children their other needs if we just trust in him, that in his good time he will provide them!

Forgive me, Father, for my lack of patience and faith.


Blogger Rachel said...

Mike...I disagree with the small part of this sentence. Your cats are not small :) "A cat on the other hand is quiet, well-kept, self sufficient, small, and could care less if you approve of it. "

9/28/2006 4:11 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Of course you are right. My personal nickname for her is "Big One", though age has quickly made that name only a memory. Perhaps I should have qualified that and said cats are comparatively small. If that is your only argument with my story then I am happy.

9/28/2006 7:59 PM  
Blogger shauna said...

Poor Bear! I assume that is the one hanging on the back door as she starves to death!!

I like this post. And cats are definitely better than those attention seeking, dirty dogs!

9/29/2006 3:21 PM  

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