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Monday, September 25, 2006

Air planes are fun

Okay, so... funny story. I was signed up for training (for work) that was in North Carolina. I've never been to North Carolina. Neat place, but that's not the story. I flew over yesterday afternoon, got my rental car and hotel last night. Classy place. All the receptionists have foreign accents. All is well with the world. The hotel I'm staying at has the SelectComfort Sleep Number bed. I looked at these about a year ago and decided against getting one because they cost too much. Well, after spending a night with it, I think I may have to get one. Oh wait, that's not the funny part. So I watched Forrest Gump, and then went to sleep at midnight. That's 11:00 central time, but still pretty late for me. I wasn't sure what time training started so I got up early the next morning to make sure I wouldn't be late. First, I drove right past the BIG sign that said "ISA". Then when I pull into the parking lot... I'm the only one there! I walk around the lobby for a few minutes waiting for someone to show up. Finally two people walk in.

"Excuse me, do you have the time?"

"Oh, it's a quarter to 7:00."

Thinking to my self, "Oh, that's interesting. Not only did I move forward an hour by going to the east coast, but apparently my alarm clock was an hour fast too..." Good times, but still not the funny part!

"I'm here for training today. I wasn't sure what time it started, and I figured it was better to be insanely early than embarrassingly late."

"What training are you here for?"

"Automation Project Planning and Justification."

"Oh... really... hmm... are you sure?"

"Yeah, I've had this trip planned for months."

"See, the thing about that... Your class has been cancelled."

Blank stare from me.

"You didn't get the email?"

"Uh... no..."

Still not the funny part! So he goes upstairs to his desk and returns with the class roster.

"Here's the reason you didn't get the email. You weren't even on the roster. It appears that you were never actually signed up for this class."

After apologies, and an inappropriate suggestion for retribution against my office secretary, I left. I got to my car and laughed maniacally. Whether you agree or not, this was the funny part. I just spent over $500 on car/hotel/flight, three hours at the airports, three hours on a plane, and now I'd have to repeat it in as many hours. Hilarious! I'm still not sure what happened, but I'll get to the bottom of it at work tomorrow. I did seize the opportunity to do a lot of my homework and studying though. I needed the break to catch up on my Hebrew before class Thursday. That’s what I keep telling myself.

So... bad things about NC: The appalling lack of street signs, direction signs, speed limit signs... well, pretty much all signs. Good game NC. The good things: catching up on homework, quiet area, no traffic, nice trees. Overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons. I could go back... just not anytime soon.


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