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Monday, October 30, 2006

What they won't tell you

Most people aren’t news junkies like I am, and further most people aren’t explicitly aware of the overwhelming liberal bias in the major media outlets: television, newspapers, magazines, etc… This month has been touted as the “deadliest month this year” for American forces in Iraq, and the fourth deadliest since the war began. If you recall, when the death toll reached the 2000 mark the media spent days running that headline.
With each passing milestone, as they put it, you can see their fervor gaining. They are practically foaming at the mouth, bouncing in their seats trying to contain themselves. Their glazed eyes of death longingly gaze to the horizon, eagerly awaiting the wonderful exposé they have planned for the 3000 death mark. They can’t wait until the death toll reaches the count of those lost on September 11th. With each death, they do not care for the soldiers lost, the families they leave behind, or the cause for which they willingly gave their lives: freedom for the Iraqi people, and safety for Americans, and the rest of the world; but rather shamelessly use their noble sacrifice to further their own liberal, America-hating agenda. They would have us believe that Iraq is a pit of despair where hostile resistance to American intrusion cuts to the core of every Iraqi. They will not show the truth. They are so heavily invested in our defeat that they cannot change course now. We all hear stories about the good things going on in Iraq, but Big Media won’t show it to you. Thankfully there are a few honest people out there. Watch this and tell me if those men and women who gave their lives did so in vain.


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