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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Katrina and Rita are memories... at least should be

I’m pretty sure that my head is about to explode.

A federal judge ordered the Bush administration Wednesday to immediately resume making housing benefits available to thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina.

U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon said the Federal Emergency Management Agency failed to adequately explain why it ended the 18-month housing assistance program for people who lost their homes in the 2005 storm. More…
Why don’t people get it?! The welfare state goes contrary to what the founding fathers envisioned. That is why they created a representative republic rather than a true democracy. They knew that in a democracy that the majority would inevitably seek to redistribute the wealth by using a simple majority vote, because they knew the simple fact of life, that the majority of the wealth always resides in the hands of the few. Here we have the victims of a natural disaster, over a year since it hit, still crying for someone to help them. Most of these people are able-bodied adults capable of working and finding a residence on their own. Look what the welfare state has done to these people. A year after the hurricanes hit and they are still incapable of providing for themselves. It’s pathetic. These are grown people who are incapable of providing the basic necessities of life. In effect they are children, taught to be wholly dependent on others for their survival. I’m all for helping people who have lost everything, but I have NO intention of picking up economic leeches and carrying their weight over a year after the fact. If they can work, let them work! It is not my job, or anyone else’s job to pay for their laziness. The welfare state DOES NOT WORK, and the pit of liberal corruption that was Louisiana proves it. Personal responsibility destroys any argument the liberal cry-babies can muster.


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