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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The sky is falling

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Democrats have officially won control of the House and unofficially the Senate. I must say, I am glad the Republicans lost, but I am equally horrified that the Democrats won. The Republicans abandoned their conservative base, and their base rightfully abandoned them. They did not secure the border and they spent our money like drunken Democrats. The major media outlets cite two main causes for the shift in power, namely voter disgruntlement over the war in Iraq and perceived corruption.

Two problems with that logic. First, the corruption is not one-sided. The libs have spent the last four years playing the corruption charge, pointing fingers across the aisle, ignoring their own corruption. I’m not even sure what corruption they are citing… Perhaps the Tom Delay pseudo-indictment? Or the Jack Abramoff scandal? Maybe the Mark Foley fiasco? Delay’s indictment was political at best, underhanded at worst. Abramoff had ties on both sides of the aisle, which is why it disappeared from the media outlets. And Foley is gay, a lifestyle championed by Democrats, yet used as a wedge to drive discontent between the GOP and their conservative base. Corruption was perceived because it was pushed in the Big Media, and most voters are not aware of anything more than they are told, they do not look at the information themselves and make an informed decision.

Second, the war in Iraq. The pollsters ask inept questions like, “Do you approve of the way the war has been handled,” or, “Do you think we need to change direction in Iraq?” I would emphatically answer no and yes, respectively, but neither would lead me to vote for Democrats! I think the war effort has been largely political, trying to apply the least amount of force to the problem. I say we unleash the power of the US military giant against the enemy and stop coddling them. We need to show power and force, but that is not the direction the Dems are going to take us. They will try to set timetables for withdrawal, halt funding, etc… Anything to undermine the war effort. God forbid that Iraq fall into civil war where the strongest faction takes control. It will be ten times worse than when we went in.

Lets not forget minimum wage increase, higher taxes, inflation (which has been nonexistent under the GOP controlled congress), abortion and embryonic stem cell research, open borders, constitutional rights to enemy combatants, and of course, the ever continuing moral degradation of the fabric of America heralded by the liberal leaders. I wish the failures of the GOP did not necessitate the shift in power to the liberal maniacs, but I believe it necessary to awaken the Republicans. I fear the results of the liberals actions to come will bring bad heaped on bad, and hopefully it will refocus the conservative movement. That the two aformentioned reasons for the Democrat victory are not solid backing for their liberal agendas proves one thing to me, not that American sentiment has shifted to Democrats, but that it has shifted away from Republicans. People did not vote for Democrats, but voted against Republicans (or just abstained from voting). As a result, this shift is temporary. What will happen in the interim however chills me to the bone!

I needed something to cheer me up, and this picture did the trick! LOL! Look at them!


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