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Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'll play your game you rogue!

Ched is wise. Now that this semester is in full swing and our weekends are largely devoted to study, this little bit of nonsense is a welcomed distraction.

Here is how you partake in a round of Literary Lucky-Dipping:

1) Skillfully grab the book closest to you

2) Quickly open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence

3) Post the text of the following three sentences

4) Name the author and book title

5) Tag an indefinite number of people to do the same (so, it could be '0')

"Although important distinctions do exist between Israel and the church, the New Testament clearly teaches that the church is neither a secondary nor a preliminary program, but the crowning product of all God's activity in history. Older dispensationalists such as Charles Ryrie indicate that the goal of history is not the church, but the millennium. During that era God will fulfill the divine promises to the nation Israel."

The Millennial Maze: Sorting out Evangelical Options by Stanley J. Greenz.

As for tagging others, I fear the buck stops here. I have no other friends that post.

A point of caution regarding the text above. This book sorts out the different eschatalogical views. This view is advocating Dispensationalism, and not having yet read the book, I cannot comment as to its validity as a reasonable theological system.


Blogger Kevin said...

I'll play your game in your comments...

They are not to be questioned, but believed to the utmost. To criticize the five pillars is, in fact, paramount to treason, perceived as heresy and blasphemy, punishable in many muslim countries by imprisonment or worse. A baby boy is born at Saddam Hussein hospital in Baghdad, Iraq.

Ergun Mehmet Caner and Emir Fethi Caner, Unveiling Islam.

2/03/2007 8:28 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Forgive me, I do have a few friends that post. This just feels a little like an email forward so I was hesitant to "forward" it on.

2/03/2007 9:27 PM  
Anonymous Ched said...

Very nice.

You have fallen soundly into my snare of "nonsense!"

I've been meaning to read Millennial Maze. Probably another, post-semester read it appears.

2/04/2007 7:51 AM  

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