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Friday, March 16, 2007

A more inconvenient truth

About a month ago I received an instant message from a random person with whom I had no previous contact. To this day, who he is and from where he obtained my screen name remain a mystery. His message was simple. Everyone should see Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth, and that we must act now or the world is doomed. Now, anyone who knows me also knows that I am a news junky. I listen to talk radio all day and read 10-15 news reports a day, not counting the headlines and summaries that I review. Being so informed, I was aware of the controversy surrounding Gore’s presentation in his ‘documentary’. Armed with that knowledge I struck up a conversation with my new, albeit misguided friend. The conversation started polite enough. I highlighted the inconsistencies in Gore’s movie and was immediately attacked. I had not actually seen the movie, and freely admitted the fact. He threw expletives at me, derided my ignorance, and vehemently insisted I not talk about things I do not understand. So, I went and rented the movie. I had to admit, the movie was well thought and paints a clear picture of destruction from alarmingly increasing CO2 levels; that is, on the surface. Had I not been informed prior to seeing the movie, I might have been similarly duped. There are glaring inconsistencies in his presentation. Amongst others, he makes an error of causation versus correlation. Just because two things follow the same path does not mean one causes the other, only that they are related.

Forget a moment about the inherent problems with Gore’s movie. The best indicator of the devotion one has to a belief system is their commitment to what they preach. If Al Gore cared about, or believed, what he was saying, his lifestyle would show it. If man is causing global warming, and each person is responsible for their own contribution, then he should be setting the example. The average American carbon footprint is 18. Al Gore has a carbon footprint of over twenty times that.

If he really cared, then I have to think he would change his lifestyle. Instead, he buys carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are what environmentalists buy to feel good even though they don’t actually reduce. The theory is that you can buy carbon credit from others who are not using their allotted amount. The problem with this? NOTHING IS CHANGING! It has been rightfully compared to the indulgences sold by the Catholic Church. The entire global warming philosophy has been compared to a religious establishment, because that’s all it is. Aside from that, someone did a little research and it turns out that Al Gore buys his offsets from a company that he founded, and at which he currently serves as chairman. That means he receives a salary. In effect, he is paying himself! Contrary to Gore’s protestations, there is NOT scientific consensus that man is causing global warming. When there is, or someone can show me an equation that proves man is causing it, I’ll jump on board. Until then, all they’re doing is advancing their socialist, America-hating agenda.

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A U.N. report has recently been brought to light that states that the largest greenhouse gas emissions come not from gas guzzling SUVs, but from cattle! Yes, believe it or not, cow flatulence! Everyone wants to blame SUVs, but none of the environmentalists are protesting cows, only our freedom to drive our vehicles, enhance our economy, and live our life. This report didn’t come from the evil oil companies or the numerous groups of ‘deniers’, it came from the U.N., easily one of the most corrupt and blind, left-leaning organizations in the world. If Gore had done his homework, he would have known this. If he really believed the propaganda he preached, he would stop eating meat, and urge us to do the same. Where’s that bulletin?

There is another problem that necessarily arises out of the U.N. report. If you accept the premise and follow the path to the logical conclusion your head will explode. If cows are such a problem, obviously we need to stop with the cows. We all need to become vegans. Here is where I bring my own opinion, the consequence to which I have not heard anyone in the entire media make the leap. If we become vegans, then we will consume the same amount of vegetation as the cows did before. Instead of the cows producing the methane and CO2, then man will be the largest direct contributor to green house gases through increased flatulence! So from start to end, no matter how you look at it, man is the problem, and the only solution is to stop the spread of man. Ultimately, their solution must be self destruction.

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Can you see the absurdity in their premise and its necessary conclusion? Their logic fails them, or more rightly is completely absent. Gore says that global warming is a moral issue. I say it is a scientific issue. Show me the science and then we'll talk about its morality, otherwise you're just fear mongering and reactionary.


Blogger shauna said...

hmm... I have really not heard either side of the argument for this movie, but this post has struck my curiousity. I kind of want to watch it now.

3/17/2007 11:55 AM  

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